Words of Wisdom

Vice Chancellor Message

We are living in an era that has transformed the world into a knowledge-driven society where the ideas and creativity matters. With the dire need of places where young minds can be nurtured for this culture, the Universities are knowingly the ideal places. University of Okara established in 2016 has remarkably been providing ample opportunities to its students as unorthodox pitch to explore and express their ideas. As a Vice Chancellor, I am passionately committed to support intervention and disrupting the conventional processes to flourish the academic and research culture while strengthening the values such as freedom of inquiry and creativity, excellence, transparency, diversity, empathy and giving back to society and the nation. We envision developing analytical minds with critical thinking to counter fascinating negative perceptions while inculcating tolerance in the society, intellectual curiosity, moral integrity and strong sense of values. I believe these values shall provide prestigious foundation to University of Okara to stand as a leading higher educational institution exploring ways and means to strengthening its linkages and create synergies for better academic and research outcomes. We are building the capacity of our students to be instrumental to transform the society in socio-economic, cultural and scientific domains through offering new academic programs with cutting edge research and multidisciplinary approaches. Our graduates are characterized as smart, confident, innovative, collaborative, professional and entrepreneurial. With our vision to be known for quality and excellence in higher education, I extend my very warm invitation to all our stakeholders to be part of our journey to serve the society and support us in achieving our goals.