Dr Aumber Abbas

  Assistant Professor - (Dr. Maryam Liaqat)


Dr Aumber Abbas is serving as visiting Assistant Professor at University of Okara since November, 2021. He graduated with a doctorate degree at Newcastle University in United Kingdom and earned a Master degree from Shandong University, China. He has about 7 years of huge research experience in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. His research areas of interests and expertise involve Graphene, Graphene quantum dots, carbon quantum dots/nanodots, carbon nanotubes, 3D carbon foam, activated carbon, boron nitride, and so on. He has applied these novel materials in a wide variety of real-world applications such as redox flow batteries, super-capacitors, sensors, bioimaging, drug delivery, early cancer detection and others. He has a track record of publications and received multiple awards and prizes during his career. He recently received a funding of 5.2 Million in collaboration with UET, Lahore.

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