Dr. Saad Naveed Ahmed

Assistant Professor


Dr.Saad Naveed Ahmed is currently working as an Assistant Professor in department of chemistry at University of Okara, Pakistan. He has completed his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology under Chinese government scholarship. This university is located in one of world’s largest city Shanghai, China. His research work is focused on preparation of cost-effective and environment friendly proton exchange membranes that can meet the future energy requirement. Dr. Saad is recently working on proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFCs) and flame retardant polymers. His research study provides a gateway for the novel preparation of low-cost and eco-friendly membranes that can prove ideal replacement of costly Nafion membranes. The use of natural hydrogen in PEMs is a field of growing interest, especially in automobile industry because they are environment friendly. While Nafion based fuel cells are harmful to human health. If all vehicles could be converted to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, then it can improve health and save many human lives annually. The hydrogen fuel used in these PEMFCs can improve climate and air quality. During his four year PhD Stay, Dr. Saad has published high impact paper in top peer review journal. His graphical abstract was published on “Materials Express” cover page and was also nominated for ECUST researcher of the year award.





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