Societies & Clubs

Under the Department of Computer Science, many societies and clubs are established. Like any institute, University of Okara is a home for different student centered societies. These societies provide students a platform to organise, enhance their skills, and utilise their talent in a productive way. Societies operate entirely with students’ cooperation and are often supervised by the teachers concerned. Throughout the year, societies hold different events in their own domain, engage students from all departments, and provide them the opportunity to interact, share knowledge and experience with each other, and build up their personal and social skills.

Here is the list of our societies.

  • Web Society
  • Gaming Society
  • Blood Donor Society
  • Musical Society
  • Database Society
  • Computer Society
  • Designers Society
  • Developers Society
  • Sketch Competition
  • Environment Watch Society
  • Funding and Sponsor Society
  • Advertisement and Media Society
  • Adventure Club
  • Writers’ Club
  • Dramatic & Photography Club