In the history of human being, the difference in the quality of education and research played a vital role in the socio-economic development of a country or society. Keeping in view the need of the quality education to face the challenges of globalization, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) issued a policy and provided financial support to establish Quality Enhancement Cells at the university level, particularly for public sector universities. In compliance to the regulatory requirement and realizing the need of the hour, University of Okara established Quality Enhancement Cell in 2016. It is worth to mention that the QEC focuses on the management of academic standards, quality of higher education and the other initiatives of continuous improvement through a systematic approach. The prime purpose of such a system would be to maintain and improve the level of the educational programs and other elements affecting them. The system involves in identifying the outcomes of educational programs, designing, implementing and reviewing the instruments of quality assurance such as processes and developing appropriate databases together with the means of gathering and processing information effectively. All the students and nation at large should benefit from this quality systematic. Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Message from In-Charge/Director

The world has become a global village and the survival of the fittest is the reality of the day. In this age of computer and satellite, every field has but to be compared with the International standard. Unfortunately, it is assumed that we are, one century behind as compared to well-developed countries of the world particularly in the field of Education, Science, and Technology. Quality enhancement program is a step in the right direction and I need a full cooperation and support from my colleagues for making this University the best University in Pakistan and to get recognition in the top world Universities. I am grateful to the Worthy Vice-Chancellor for his valuable continuous support and creativity in helping to devise the quality enhancement programs.

QEC Mission

The role of the QEC is to promote quality culture in the university having a significant impact on the standard of research, education, community service and extracurricular activities with a view to meet national educational requirements. Involve all the stakeholders and raise their confidence to continually improve the academic standards to a level of World top ranking universities.

QEC Objectives

  • Review the existing standards of education, research, community service, and extracurricular activities with a view to continually improve on an annual basis.
  • Strengthen academic collaboration with the reputable National/International universities/organizations to harmonize our quality of education and research with international standards.
  • Enhance the confidence of faculty members, students, their parents, regulatory bodies and society at large to work together for improvement in the quality of the university.
  • Establish, maintain and implement a quality educational system in accordance with international practices.
  • Get feedback from students, teachers, graduates, parents, employers, and other stakeholders if any on prescribed intervals. Evaluate the feedbacks and suggest appropriate measure to concerned quarters for implementation if deemed necessary.
  • Self-Assessment Programs in three departments of the university would be launched annually in consultation with department chairpersons till the Program is applicable in the entire university.
  • To ensure the quality of human resources at the university, the directorate will involve in the activities assigned by the worthy Vice-Chancellor from time to time.