Department of Physics


The Department of Physics (DOP) was established in March 2019 and offering BS Physics (4 years), MPhil Physics (2 Years), and PhD Physics Programs. All the programs are approved by the HEC-Pakistan. The Department gradually progressed and attracted highly qualified teachers. The aims of the Department are to equip best knowledge and skills to face the upcoming challenges. Currently, there are more than 800 students enrolled in the 3 programs, and 7 faculty members are serving to the department. Our aim is to continue efforts in education and innovation so as to build DOP into a training base for outstanding talents in physics and relevant scientific research and high-quality research-oriented teachers. DOP at University of Okara, believes the expansion of the Department into Institute (Institute of Physics and Materials Research) is indispensable, to cater the growing intellectual needs of students and to advance the level of graduates as a producing and effective human resource in the Scientific research and development of the country. Institute of Physics and Materials Research intends to start following departments: • Department of Physics (already established) • Department of Computational Physics (already established) • Department of Nanotechnology • Department of Industrial Physics


The vision of the Department is to be equipped with the fundamental knowledge of Physics, problem-solving and logical thinking to their students. This will be achieved by reviewing and developing relevant academic programs, research and research projects to address Pakistan technological needs in areas like Energy, Renewable energy, Hydrogen Energy, Environment, Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Materials science, Plasma, Medical Physics, Cosmology, Geo Physics, Nuclear Physics and Density Functional Theory (DFT). We are trying to achieve the overall development of the students to meet international standards and to use the knowledge of physics for academic and industrial development. Keeping in view the acute shortage of chemists, scientists, and realizing that the success of any country depends upon the availability of well-trained chemists, different programs are proposed like eight semesters undergraduate degree programs entitled BS Chemistry and BS Applied Chemistry, is proposed which is after F.Sc./ O-Level (12-year of schooling with Chemistry). Similarly, the graduate degree program MS/MPhil is proposed which is after BS/M.Sc. (16-year of schooling with Chemistry). The UO graduates after completion of these programs will be able to compete with graduates at other Universities because these programs are designed, to include the normal BS courses and to cater to the needs of chemists, scientists, chemistry teachers/ subject specialists/ lecturers/professors. In future Ph.D. programs will be offered soon to achieve highly need-based, dynamic research targets on national and international levels.


Our mission is to see our graduates to be equipped with the fundamental knowledge of Physics, problem solving and logical thinking.

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in the field of Physics education and research.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation & continuous improvement.


  • To cultivate able researchers with an abundant education as well as deep, specialized and applied skills regarding physics.
  • To enhance student engagement through activities such as internships, independent studies/projects.
  • To provide knowledge in emerging areas of Physics
  • To support and courage student participation at conferences, workshops and colloquiums to facilitate scholarly productivity and professional development
  • To pursue academic collaboration with other universities in the world


Mr. Zeeshan Mahboob