Department of Molecular Biology


The Department of Molecular Biology is the core of the life sciences working under Institute of Pure and Applied Zoology at University of Okara. We offer diverse research interests including molecular, cell, and systems biology in organisms ranging from viruses, bacteria and yeast to worms, flies, fish, mice, and humans. Department faculty has expertise in human genomics, proteomics, and human hereditary diseases.


To induce the basic and modern knowledge of molecular biology and to impart modern teaching methods in the student’s learning process, so that they can lead the nation in this discipline.


Our undergraduate and graduate curricula are based on the principle of providing the fundamental knowledge needed to be fluent and competitive in the new arenas of molecular biology. Our expectation is that students who graduate from the Department of Molecular Biology will be leading academicians, health professionals, teachers, and public servants. The Department of Molecular Biology provides an exceptional educational and research environment for talented individuals.

Incharge Message

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in science education & research.
  • Excellence requires integrity, innovation, & continuous improvement.


  • To train students in modern molecular biological techniques.
  • To focus on research that will provide solutions in daily life problems in agriculture, health, industry and environment.
  • To equip students with scientific and intellectual knowledge in area of molecular biology.
  • To produce qualified researchers and teachers in the domain of molecular biology.
  • To develop the draft curriculum in the discipline of molecular biology and to bring it par with international standards.

Programs Offered

Teaching Faculty