Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was firstly established under the University of Education Lahore, Okara Campus in September 2005. It was the first discipline in sciences that was started at the university. On April 2016, The Department of Chemistry has been shifted under The University of Okara. From the start this department had a leading role in teaching and research. Over the past years, the Department of Chemistry has earned good repute and has privilege to produce many eminent graduates. The graduates of this department are holding positions of eminence in Education, Research & Development Organizations and Industries as well as in Administration. Apart from teaching, research is becoming a very significant part of academic activities of this department. This is due to the presence of much dedicating Faculty & Staff, development of laboratories, availability of sophisticated research facilities and grants from the University & Government Funding Agencies. For effective exploitation of the experience, skills, technical know-how of the teaching staff and to impart training to the students, some fields of specialization have been developed, which are Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. Currently more than 500 students are studying in different sessions under this department, and more than 100 students graduate every year form this department. Department has successfully ended seven sessions of BS Chemistry. Approximately total alumni strength of the Chemistry department is more than 1000 graduates. Graduates are serving in different government and private sectors. At present The Department of Chemistry offering two undergraduate BS programs, one in Chemistry and other in Applied Chemistry. In graduate program Department of Chemistry is also launching MS/MPhil Chemistry program to enhance the level of teaching and research at the department.


The Government policy is to shift the emphasis from aimless rote learning to more purposeful science education through active participation of the students in the classroom. The subject of chemistry is introduced from elementary level in General Science and as a subject at secondary and higher secondary levels. Keeping in view the acute shortage of chemists, scientists, and realizing that the success of any country depends upon the availability of well-trained chemists, different programs are proposed like eight semesters under graduate degree programs entitled BS Chemistry and BS Applied Chemistry, is proposed which is after F.Sc./ O-Level (12-year of schooling with Chemistry). Similarly, graduate degree program MS/MPhil is proposed which is after BS/M.Sc. (16-year of schooling with Chemistry). The UO graduates after completion of these programs will be able to compete with graduates at other Universities because these programs are designed as, to include the normal BS courses and to cater the needs of chemists, scientist, chemistry teachers/ subject specialists/ lecturers/professors. In future PhD program will be offered soon to achieve highly need based, dynamic research targets on national and international levels.


The common purpose is to achieve the highest possible standards of research and teaching in chemistry and chemistry related disciplines. To encourage intellectual development and vision in and through chemistry. To impart a sound knowledge of chemistry to students and to help them to use this knowledge creatively and analytically. To develop in students an awareness of the applications of chemistry including its practical, social and economic aspects such as health, agriculture, industry and defense etc. To develop and improve students’ practical, written and oral communication, information retrieval, computer and problem-solving skills. To encourage students to become effective independent learners. To develop the student’s vision that is need based/market based and its continuous development shall be made considering the changing global and national requirements. To develop in students the ability to work in groups for cooperative learning to acquire respect for human values. To encourage students to broaden their knowledge, to develop their own capabilities and self-confidence, to respect learning and to participate in continuing education.

Incharge Message

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry at University of Okara. Chemistry and Applied Chemistry involves the study of compounds and their reactivity at a molecular level. To accomplish this achievement, researchers must learn about the properties of compounds (General Chemistry), structure and reactivity of molecules (Organic and Inorganic Chemistry), characterization of structures (Analytical Chemistry), fundamental components of molecules (Physical Chemistry). With regards to majors, our Department has BS Chemistry, BS Applied Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry MS/MPhil Chemistry. With dedicated faculty and staff members, Department of Chemistry is one of the top Department in the University, boasting outstanding research infrastructure, well-equipped labs and services and an unparalleled location on Lowe Bari Doab Canal. Current research in the department spans the traditional disciplines of chemistry, and extends well beyond these borders with exciting work in Computational Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry and materials science among others. Students that graduate from our programs have gone into academic positions (high school to universities), industrial positions, and government positions. I would especially like to reach out to our alumni, and to encourage them to participate in continuing to make our Department great. My door is always open, and I welcome the opportunity to tell you about our future goals and aspirations.

Dr Ghulam Mustafa

Incharge Of Department

Core Values


  • To provide a broad foundation in chemistry that stresses scientific reasoning and analytical problem solving with a natural and physical perspective.
  • To provide students with the skills required to succeed in graduate school, the chemical industry or professional school.
  • To expose the students to a breadth of experimental techniques using modern instrumentation.
  • Developing the individual’s ability to do independent research.
  • Preparing students for more advanced study in chemistry.
  • Providing advanced training to professional chemists and those employed in technical and business areas in which chemistry is necessary for efficient performance.
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out independent research.
  • Acquire the practical knowledge of the type of research conducted in industry and of the constraints (both practical and philosophical) under which such research is conducted.


Mr. Abrar Hussain