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Department of Communication was established in 2019 to cater the needs of changing media landscape in Pakistan and around the globe. Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs. 4 years undergraduate degree program,BS Communication Studies, and 2 years Graduate Program MPhil Communication Studies has been launched. BS Communication classes started in Fall 2019 and MPhil Communication Studies in Spring 2020. Faculty of the department is consisting on a very dynamic and vibrant experience of research and media field. Radio and Television Studios facility is under process.


Department of Communication Studies is striving for creating a very healthy and productive environment for the


Department of Communication Studies aimed at producing journalists, media analysts, creative writers, innovative producers and videographers, equipping them with solid knowledge of media issues, media approaches, theoretical underpinnings and socio-cultural settings, making them at par with the dynamic Multimediality global market.

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Dr. Muhammad Zahid Bilal

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Dr. Muhammad Zahid Bilal