Department of Educational Research & Assessment


Department of Educational Research and Assessment is a seat of higher education and advanced learning for the early career researchers in various fields within broader discipline of education. Our research scholars and academic community is investigating education in a wide range of related domains, including educational administration, psychology, teaching, curriculum, higher education, school improvement, education policy, national professional standards and contemporary issues of research and assessment. The indigenous and foreign qualified faculty of the department believes in creating conducive environment to foster critical thinking, academic freedom and innovative ideas for the production of new knowledge in the perspective of internationalization of higher education. The scholarly communities of the department are occupied in establishing a vibrant academic environment and viable research culture to support research activities in different philosophical paradigms of research. We take great pride that many of our students are playing key roles in national and international private and public organizations who are continuously engaged with this department to help improve quality education. Our department is striving to establish a strong linkage with the international scientific community to provide a better world where students can explore the world through independent enquiry and intellectual pursuits.


We provide a multidisciplinary learning approach and research environment beyond education that is conducive to intellectual pursuits, free thinking and speech, advocacy of policy and practice, and the promotion of collaboration and diversity.


Our mission is to bring educational innovation and arm the scholars with updated knowledge and expertise. To prepare highly educated force to fulfill the dream of knowledge economy. We are committed to prepare professionals who are disciplined, morally responsible and team leaders to work for the better future of Pakistan.

Incharge Message

Dr. Tahir Farooqi

Incharge Of Department

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Diversity


  • Prepare researchers, scholars, and social scientist who can lead economy and education of the country.
  • Develop proficiency and competence of the process of research and assessment in different philosophical paradigms.
  • Provide skills in methodology of conducting various types of research and their importance in education and other related disciplines.
  • Enable the research scholars to critically analyze the contemporary issues in the field of education and economy.
  • Help researchers understand emerging trends in research and assessment and to investigate further possibilities.