There should be at least two relevant full time faculty members with doctoral degree to launch MS/MPhil program in the University.
    2.1. Minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4.0 in the semester system or 2nd division in the annual system in MA/MSc/BS/Equivalent degree.
    2.2. Before the last date of submission of admission application, the applicant must have passed UO Entry Test with a minimum score of 60%.
  3. Procedure for Application, Admission, and Registration
    3.1. Before the advertisement, the Board of Studies shall ascertain the number of seats which shall be approved by the Academic Council.
    3.2. The admission application shall be submitted to the concerned department.
    3.3. The merit shall be determined on the basis of the following criteria:
    3.3.1. Academic Qualifications   (40 Marks)
    3.3.2 Discipline based test to be conducted by the relevant department (5 Marks)MS Mphil creteria
    3.3.3 Interview (10 Marks)
    (Mandatory to pass; the minimum passing score shall be 6 out of 10)
    3.4 There shall be an Admission Committee of the concerned Department to be notified by the Registrar after approval of the Vice Chancellor. All faculty members with doctoral degrees in the
    relevant field shall be the members of the committee. In case there are less than four doctoral degree faculty members in a department, two senior most faculty members of any other
    department as notified by the Vice Chancellor will become members of the Committee.
    3.5.This Committee shall process the admissions for the MS/MPhil programs.
    3.6. The MS/MPhil Committee shall recommend for provisional admission to the Vice Chancellor, through Dean, a list of candidates who fulfill the prescribed criteria.Note: Qualification from Institutions other than the UO shall be equalized by the Equivalence
    Committee of the UO.
    3.7 The selected candidates shall pay their dues, as prescribed by the UO, before due date, failing which the admission offer shall stand cancelled.

    3.8.The in-service applicants must hand in a copy of the NOC from their respective departments/institutions along with the admission form.
  4.  Medium of Instructions and Program Duration
    4.1.The medium of instructions, examination and language for MS/MPhil thesis shall be English other than oriental subjects.
    4.2.The minimum period for the submission of thesis shall be 2 years,to be counted from the start of classes.
    4.3.The maximum residency period for the submission of thesis shall be 3 years, to be counted from the start of classes.
    5.1.A minimum 30 credit hours (24 credits of course work and 06 credits hours for thesis) are required for the award of MPhil degree. The weight-age of credit hours of thesis shall be 200
    6.1.The minimum attendance requirement to appear in summative exam is 75% in the relevant course. The Vice-Chancellor may, on special grounds, condone up to 5% of the attendance requirement.
  7.  Course Evaluation
    7.1.The teacher is responsible for the evaluation of work/performance of the students of his/her
    class and for the award of grades.
    7.2.Assessment and evaluation of students shall be of three types:
    7.2.1.Formative Assessment  50%
    a)Assessments & Presentations 20%
    b)A Mid Semester Exam 30 %
    7.2.2.Summative Exam (at the end of semester) 50%
    7.2.3.Comprehensive Examination to be conducted at the successful completion of course work.
    7.3.A separate portion with 25% weight-age of the summative exam will be allocated to practical where it is involved.
    7.4.The summative exam will comprise of the course covered during the entire semester.
    7.5.There shall be no choice in questions in the mid semester exam and summative exam papers.
    7.6.The question paper shall be prepared by the relevant teacher.
    7.7.The mid semester exam and summative exam shall be conducted according to the academic calendar of the UO.
    7.8.The formative exam shall be conducted by the teacher who shall be teaching that course. The answer scripts of the mid semester exam shall be handed over to the students.
    7.9.The award lists for the formative exam shall be forwarded by the concerned teacher to the Controller of Examinations before the conduct of summative exam.
    7.10. The summative exam will comprise of the course covered during the entire semester.
    7.11. The marked/evaluated answer scripts of each summative exam shall be shown to the students concerned by the teacher and taken back immediately.
    7.12. The award list of each course along with the marked answer scripts of summative exam shall be submitted by the relevant teacher to the Controller of Examinations within 07 days of the last
    date of summative exam.
    7.13. A student must obtain 50% marks of the formative exam and summative exam separately.
    7.14. A candidate must pass the written and practical part of the course separately. If the candidate fails in the written part or practical part, then he/she shall be considered to have failed in that course.
    7.15.The Controller of Examinations shall notify the semester results before the start of next  semester and issue academic transcript on the completion of all the program requirements. However, the Controller of Examinations may issue provisional transcripts on the basis of results notified.
    7.16. The record of marked answer scripts of summative exam shall be preserved by the Controller of Examinations for one year after the 82 notification of the last semester result in a degree program.
    7.17.In case a student is not satisfied with his award, he/she may submit an application, within 30 days of the notification of the result, for rechecking to the Controller of Examinations by
    depositing re-checking fee as permissible.
    8.1.GPA/CGPA Requirements
    Mphil GPA requirment
    8.2. Award of Degree
    A student must obtain a minimum CGPA 2.50 for award of degree.
  9. Grading System
    9.1. Grading for Semester System
    9.1.1. Grade points will be calculated as per the following formula:
    Grade Point = (%age – 10) * 0.05
    9.1.2. Letter grades, corresponding grade points and numerical grading will be as follows:
    Mphil grading system
    9.1.3. Final evaluation of every course shall be in whole number.
    9.1.4. “Letter Grades” and “Grade Points” will be used, with a maximum possible grade point average of 4.00 as detailed above.
    9.2. Calculation of GPA/CGPA
    9.2.1. Grade Point Average (GPA) will be worked out at the end of first semester. In order to calculate the GPA, multiply Grade Point with the Credit Hours in each course, it will give Quality Points.     Quality Points = Grade Point * Credit Hours
    9.2.2. Add up all Quality Points and divide by the total number of Credit Hours to get the GPA for the Semester.
    Caculation of GPA for Mphil
    9.2.3. Course with ‘F’ will be counted as ‘Zero’ Grade Point for calculation of Semester Grade Point Average.
    9.2.4. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) can be calculated similarly, considering all the courses after two or more semesters or at the end of a degree program.
    Caculation of CGPA for Mphil
    10.1. A student will be eligible to sit in the comprehensive examination who secures CGPA 2.50 or more.
    10.2. There shall be a Comprehensive Examination at the completion of the course work. There shall be two papers comprising of all the courses.
    10.3. One paper shall comprise of courses studied in the first semester whereas the other paper shall comprise the courses studied in the second semester.
    10.4. In the Comprehensive Examination, a student must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in each paper.
    10.5. A scholar shall have two consecutive chances to qualify the Comprehensive Examination.
  11. Supervision of Thesis
    11.1. Every MS/MPhil candidate shall have a supervisor who shall be a full time faculty member of the UO holding a doctoral degree. However, the MS/MPhil Committee may allow a co-supervisor from either inside or outside the University on the request of supervisor concerned.
    11.2. The maximum number of MS/MPhil students under the supervision of a full time faculty member shall be as per HEC guidelines.
    11.3. Before the end of the second semester every scholar shall submit an application on a prescribed proforma alongwith the name and consent of proposed supervisor to the BoS who shall finalize the names of the supervisors.
    11.4. Within three months from the declaration of result of Comprehensive Examination, the MS/MPhil scholars shall submit research proposal consisting of maximum 2000 words through their supervisor to the BoS for its approval.
    11.5. In real hardship, an extension of three months in the submission of concept paper may be granted by Dean concerned on the recommendation of the supervisor.
    11.6. The supervisor shall not be changed except in case of real hardship case as determined by the MS/MPhil Committee. The process of changing the supervisor shall be same as that for appointment. However, in conflicting cases the matter would be referred to the Dean concerned through MS/MPhil Committee.
  12. Plagiarism Test
    12.1. The supervisor will check each of his MS/MPhil students’ thesis for plagiarism using the anti-plagiarism software. The concerned Chairperson through Dean will send the thesis to the Controller of Examinations alongwith the plagiarism/similarity index report duly signed by the supervisor and the scholar.
    12.2. Before sending a MS/MPhil thesis for evaluation, hard copy of the semi-final thesis, a CD containing the semi-final version of the thesis, a copy of the plagiarism/similarity index report duly signed by the supervisor and student will be forwarded by Chairperson to the Director QEC through the Controller of Examinations for verification/clearance. In case of any discrepancy the thesis shall be returned to the scholar through proper channel.
    12.3. The MS/MPhil candidate shall be held responsible for any plagiarized work, if revealed after the submission of thesis.
  13. Submission of Thesis
    13.1. The candidate shall submit one soft and four hard copies (five copies in case of co-supervisor) of the thesis and four copies of abstract, not exceeding 1000 words, to the HoI through the supervisor.
    13.2. The thesis must not include research work for which a degree has been conferred to him or any other scholar by UO or any other institution.
    13.3. The thesis format/referencing style shall be as prescribed by the UO and it will be verified by the Director QEC.
  14. Evaluation of Thesis
    14.1. The MS/MPhil thesis must be evaluated by one external examiner.
    14.2. The BoS shall recommend a list of three external examiners, holding a doctoral degree in the relevant field, for the approval 84 of the Vice Chancellor.
    14.3. The Controller of Examinations shall get thesis evaluated within three months. If any examiner does not respond within 3 months, the thesis shall be sent to the other external examiner approved by the Vice Chancellor from the same list. Any delay beyond three months must be brought immediately to the notice of the Vice Chancellor who may allow extension in the period or approve a new examiner.
  15. Evaluation Report
    15.1. The examiner shall submit evaluation report as well as his/her recommendations, within one month, on the prescribed Performa given in Annexure, directly to the Controller of Examinations.
    15.2. If the examiner approve the thesis and allow the viva voce examination to be conducted, it shall be implemented.
    15.3. If a thesis is rejected by the examiner, the case will be referred to the 2nd examiner for opinion/evaluation. If the 2nd examiner also rejects the thesis the degree will not be awarded.
    15.4. If the examiner suggests major changes the candidate shall incorporate the recommended changes and shall resubmit thesis within three months which shall be reevaluated by the same examiner.
    15.5. If the examiner suggests minor changes, the candidate shall incorporate the recommended changes, within one month, in accordance with examiner’s comments and to the satisfaction of candidate’s supervisors. The supervisor shall certify the incorporation of changes.
  16. Viva Voce Examination
    16.1. The Viva Voce Examination Committee for each candidate woruld comprise:
    16.1.1. Chairperson of Department Chairperson
    16.1.2. Thesis Supervisor/co-supervisor Member Member
    16.1.3. External Examiner Member
    16.2. In case the Chairperson is the Supervisor of the Committee, the next senior teacher of the concerned department would be the member.
    16.3. The concerned Chairperson of department through Dean will forward the detailed result of the candidates to Controller of Examinations for notification and issuance of transcript.
  17. Board of Studies
    17.1. Board of Studies in the relevant discipline will:
    17.1.1. Approve the research supervisor/co-supervisor and topic.
    17.1.2. Recommend the name of external examiners for the approval by the Vice Chancellor. The names of the external examiners will be proposed by the supervisor concerned.
    *Note: The university reserves the right to change/revise rules and regulations.