Faculty of Education

The Teaching profession is considered exceptionally important in the educational system of a country. The Faculty of Education at the University of Okara led the way advanced level teacher training programs in the central Punjab. The Faculty took a start to grow according to the social and technological changes in the society in the general and the educational environment in the particular. The university offers training programs for the prospective teachers from the Bachelor level to the Ph.D. level.

The Faculty takes pride in its Ph.D. Programs for providing leadership in the field of education. Specifically, the inquiry and analysis of educational issues is the hallmark of the Faculty. We are proud of the fact that the on-campus faculty remains actively engaged in research, training, development of human resources and collaboration with government and international agencies. The Faculty maintains a close link with educational institutions in the public and private sector through its student-teaching practice and other activities.

In Short, the faculty is striving hard to realize the following objective;

  • Develop and initiate innovative degree programs in teacher education
  • Foster high-quality standards in teacher education and educational research, especially research in the curriculum development, effective teaching learning strategies and linkages between the stakeholders and the faculty;
  • Emphasize on linking professional practice to existing research, sound theorizing, and rigorous methodology;
  • Provide advisory consultation in Policy Studies;
  • Establish linkage with international universities of repute;
    provide professional services to the inter-disciplinary Faculties inside the University.


Faculty Members