Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics is one of the most emerging departments among all departments at the University of Okara. The department of mathematics is established since the beginning of university campus at Okara in 2006. The department gets a boost from the start of BS (Hons.) and MPhil program in 2012 and 2014, respectively. At present, about 600 students are getting the quality education in different programs of the department. The graduates of the department not only experts of doing mathematics but are also very good presenters, and ethically strong citizens to serve the nation.

The specialties of the program are the highly qualified teachers including PhDs and merit-based admissions. The department also provides a great forum for curricular activities like departmental games, exhibition, presentation, seminars, quiz competition etc. The department also has blood donating society, alumni, and event management committee with the aim to help other people.

Our Mission

The mission of the department is to create and teach mathematics and to develop in all students the capacity to understand, discover, enjoy and use mathematics.

Complete List of Faculty Members