Department of Management Sciences


The Department of Management Sciences started its journey in 2005 under the aegis of University of Education Lahore (Okara Campus) now chartered University of Okara. In retrospect, the Department offers Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of Business and Management to serve a diverse population in the competitive, dynamic and global environment. Although we are encountering many challenges hitherto, those cemented our resolution to the incessant improvement of academic and extracurricular activities placing them in juxtaposition. The Department ensures an overall balance amongst pedagogy, scholarly activities, and liaison with the market dynamics through industry commune. The department ensures aura of mutual respect, freedom of expression and equal opportunity.
In business programs, students are able to gain a foundation in many facets of the business world before choosing a specialization. From master’s level onwards, it is more usual for business degrees to be focused on particular aspects of the business. The department since its inception has integrated specializations in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management under its BBA (Hons) and MBA (3.5 Years) programs. Our future plans aimed at extending this hand to the areas of Banking, Accounting, International Trade, Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship. These specializations are tamed to fit in the professional significance of the market and respective industries.


As the job market is stagnant and fatigued to absorb a big influx of human resource in its present capacity, our objective is not only to meet the need of market but to encourage and guide students to be entrepreneurs as well. Being cognizant with this fait accompli, our learned faculty and staff is fully committed to embodying the said objective. The First Entrepreneurial Gala 2016 of the department is a stupendous evidence of creativity of the students and our commitment to mission. Expansion of job market can only be ensured if job creators embrace the job seekers.
If you peregrinate with us to fulfill your avid dreams, we will infuse in your originality, understanding, and creativity indispensable to achieve touchstone of life.

Faculty Members List

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