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Department of English started its journey with the commencement of M.A English program in 2005. At present, the department is offering BS (Hons) English and M.A English programs respectively. Our courses are a combination of Linguistics, and Literature courses to equip the students with future needs of all relevant fields. In BS English after a basic training, we are offering specializations in both literature and linguistics.

Nobody can deny the significance of English language in all the professional as well as social areas of life. Owing to the importance of English language, the department ensures an efficient synergy between language and literature transcending the historic division between the study of language and the study of literature. This integrated approach of the department is based on the premise that literature is language based and language can, indeed, be literary.

Moreover, linguistics provides efficient tools to study literature in a more comprehensive manner. Therefore, the focus of the department is on introducing students to seminal works in the disciplines of linguistics and literature. The department offers specialized programs designed with an aim to broaden and diversify the interest of the students who want to join any sort of profession in their future lives.
Currently, the students of the department are flourishing their academic skills through conducting research activities under qualified supervisors. They are actively participating in co-curricular activities as well. Hence, the department provides a healthy environment for learning activities.

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