Department of Biological Sciences

The department at present offers its facilities for training the graduates and postgraduates in the fields of Botany and Zoology. The department has well-trained teaching faculty to cater the requirements of basic courses, and have research experience to guide productive research. The laboratories are sufficiently equipped for general teaching and supportive research both at BS, M.Phil and Ph.D. levels. The department has active links with federal and provincial line departments (wildlife, health, fisheries, live Stock, agriculture, forest, National Agricultural Research Center, National Museum Natural History and Environment Protection Agency) and national/ international NGO’s, helping in the training of its students to the needs of filed departments. The department also keeps its windows open to modern day research and teaching through its international links. Through such links, the graduates are attuned to working conditions of different departments, increasing their acceptability with potential employers. Department’s mission is to produce honest biologists, suited to work under all odds, and who carry the national flag with honor.

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