In this age of Scientific and Technological growth, excellence in Higher Education holds the key to success for the global nations. Educated youth of a nation is always considered its biggest asset as it plays an instrumental and constructive role in building social cohesion and by contributing towards economic development and prosperity. This is particularly true of developing nations like Pakistan, which has a large population of dynamic and energetic youth who have the commitment to development and prosperity of the motherland. Keeping in view the challenges of 21st Century, the Government of Punjab has taken initiative for the substantial expansion of higher education sector. The establishment of the University of Okara is part of such endeavors to provide quality education at the grassroots level by engaging this sizeable population to actively participate in socio-economic and national development. With this objective, the University will not only realize the dream of access to quality education for all but will also augment endeavor of the Government to meet these challenges.

I congratulate the university Academia and Management on the commencement of first academic session at the University of Okara. I am confident that this university will herald a new era in the promotion of higher education in the province. I urge the university Academia and Management to make the best use of available resources and their abilities to develop this institution into an established seat of learning, a beacon of excellence and role model for other institutions of higher learning. I also urge the students to fully realize their potential and play their role in national development and progress.