Admission Regulations

  1. MERIT
    1.1 Admission shall be made on the basis of open merit in accordance with following Admission Regulations.
    1.2 Admission will be made by the concerned Department’s Admission Committee after the approval of the Vice Chancellor, on the recommendation of concerned Department’s Chairperson duly endorsed by the concerned Dean.
    1.3 There are some reserved seats in addition to merit seats in Certificate/Post Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master Degree programs
    (Morning Shift Only) as under:
    1.3.1 4% seats in each degree program are reserved for children/spouse/real brothers or sisters of the University teachers in regular service or retired. Preference will be assigned to the
    relation in the same order.1.3.2 4% seats in each degree program are reserved for children/spouse/ real brothers or sisters of the University non -teaching employees in regular service or retired. Preference will be assigned to the relation in the same order.
    1.3.3 2% seats are reserved in each degree program for the children of martyrs of the Defense Forces or in the absence of this category children of the serving or retired personnel of the Defense Forces to be nominated by GHQ Adjutant General Branch.
    1.3.4 Four seats in each degree program, out of which one seat is reserved for applicants from AJK and three seats for applicants from FATA nominated by the concerned authority.
    1.3.5 2% seats in each degree program are reserved for disabled persons certified as such by the Social Welfare Board.
    1.3.6 2% seats in each Bachelor degree program are reserved for sports for those who have excelled in particular sports. The merit will be decided on the basis of the best sports persons of provincial or district standing to be ascertained by the Sports Committee of the University.
    1.3.7 2% seats with a minimum of one seat are reserved for the overseas Pakistanis in each degree program.
    1.3.8 One seat for each degree program me is reserved for the students from Balochistan. The nominations shall be received through the Higher Education Department of Government of Balochistan.
    1.3.9 2% seats in each degree program are reserved for In -service teachers of Government Institutions.
    1.3.10 Admission on reserved seats should fulfill general conditions for admission in the University and must satisfy minimum admission criteria, prescribed for each degree
    1.3.11 In case where no application/nomination is received for a reserved quota by the due date (last date for submission of admission application), any such reserved seats will be
    transferred to the open merit seats.
    2.1 Candidates seeking admission shall submit application in the respective departments on the prescribed form, complete in all respect and accompanied by attested photocopies of the required certificates and documents and shall undertake to abide by all statutes, regulations, and rules framed and instructions issued by the University from time to time.
    2.2 Applications incomplete in any respect or not supported by the required certificates, documents etc. or received after the last date fixed for the submission of applications for admission shall not be entertained.
    3.1 A student who has been rusticated/expelled or whose entry in any other university was banned for any reason whatsoever at any time during his academic career or has been involved in criminal case of moral turpitude, shall not be admitted to any program unless the Syndicate allows admission of such candidates on the recommendations of the concerned department. Every student is required to submit his/her undertaking for the same.
    3.2 Candidate seeking admission in more than one degree program at a time will be dealt as per Higher Education Commission (HEC) rules. 78.
    4.1 Only those candidates shall be eligible for admission who have complete result available on or before the closing date for admission application.
    4.2 No student who has received any major penalty in a disciplinary case and obtain admission in any other degree.
    4.3 Calculation of Meritadmission cretieria
               4.3.3 Some programs may have additional admission criteria mentioned in the relevant scheme of studies.
    4.3.4 The candidates with 3rd division in the last examination shall not be considered for admission.
    4.4 In general, three merit/waiting lists shall be prepared.
    4.5 Merit/waiting list shall b e-notified by the Office of the Registrar after getting approval of the Vice Chancellor.
    4.6 A candidate who was offered admission in 1st or 2nd merit list but was unable to pay dues within the stipulated period may be reconsidered in the 3rd merit list.
    4.7 The Vice Chancellor may allow the admission of the candidates who were offered admission in 1st , 2nd or 3rd merit list but were unable to pay the dues/fee in stipulated period provided the seats are still available. Such a request for admission shall be routed through the Chairperson of concerned department within one month from the commencement of classes.
    4.8 The University reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student at any time who is found to have obtained his/her admission by making any false statement or concealing a material fact, as well as, whose admission is found to be in violation of admission regulations.
    4.9 The cancellation of admission will follow the same process as the award of admission.
    4.10 The University reserves the right to rectify any typographical or clerical mistake at any time in the admission lists etc without incurring any liability. The concerned Dean shall be authorized to take such action under intimation to the Registrar’s Office.
    4.11 Where there are more than one applicants with equal score on the merit list, all such students will be granted admission without any regards to the number of seats.
    4.12 The selected candidates will be required to pay their dues according to the approved schedule, failing which the offer of admission shall stand cancelled.
    4.13 The University reserves the right to choose appropriate media for the advertisement of admission and it is entirely the responsibility of the candidate to follow such announcements.
    5.1 The student may within seven days of the cancellation order under clause 5.7, appeal to the Vice -Chancellor after depositing Rs. 1000/- in favor of Treasurer, University of Okara.
    *Note: The University reserves the right to change/revise rules and regulations.