About the University

Higher education is the catalyst for social change, economic development, and productive human resources. The universities had been the house of research and innovations since long. People of the far off cities had struggled for acquiring a quality higher education because of the non-availability of higher education instructions at or near their milieu. The same was the case with the dwellers of Okara as there was a dire need for such provision in this area. Therefore, to cater for the higher education needs of the local people, University of Education Lahore established its campus at Okara in 2005. Following the inauguration of the campus by the Ex-senior Federal Minister and Minister for Defense, late Rao Sikandar Iqbal, classes were started at “Kalsoom Educational Campus” Samadpura Okara in October 2005. In the following years, University was shifted to the newly established building at Renalakhurd where 204 acres of land was allocated by the Government of Pakistan to the university. On April 1, 2016, notification for the establishment of the University of Okara was issued by the Government of Punjab.

At present, the university is offering degree programs ranging from Bachelor to Ph.D. in various disciplines. In line with the challenges and innovations in the modern arena, the University believes in upgrading the course of reading related to the respective areas of studies. Moreover, the university has a tradition of providing the quality learning environment for its students by furnishing the classrooms with modern facilities, well-equipped science laboratories, ICT facilities with internet and library having latest books. Other than classrooms, meaningful student-teacher interaction continues during practical, teaching practice, internships, thesis-writing, and other co-curricular activities.

The university envisions preparing dynamic leaders and practitioners in teaching, research and management having content excellence, pedagogical competence, commitment and integrity at school, college and university levels. At the same time, University of Okara fosters an enabling environment that brings together discipline and congeniality at one place.

The teachers are highly-qualified and committed to engendering a learning culture and tend their maximum services for the development of their students.

The students at the University of Okara have plenty of opportunities to participate in various co- curricular activities for the innovative and creative expression blended with tolerance and social values. It is hoped that they will serve the nation in their best spirits after passing out from the University.